Privacy Policy – Please Read Carefully

The MSFocus Radio website, a service of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF), provides free anonymous access to site visitors. At no time are you required to give any information about yourself to access this website. The privacy of our visitors serves as one of the building blocks of the MSF's goal of developing long-term relationships of integrity and trust.
PLEASE NOTE: The privacy policy as described herein applies only to pages within the MSF family of websites and does not apply to links to websites not operated by the MSF.


Certain pages within the MSF website may have the ability to place a cookie on your computer. These cookies serve only to remember information that helps you get to pages you want. Cookies do not identify you by name nor does it permit us to read unrelated data on your hard drive. They can be used to track what pages you look at on our website. This enables us to develop a more responsive website to your needs by analyzing usage data. At your option, you can adjust your browser options to not accept cookies.

Server access logs

Each web page access is recorded in a log file. The contents of the log file are analyzed periodically to determine how many visitors we serve, what pages they look at most, and how they were referred to our site. An individual's session data is not kept or examined.

Site Registration and Protection of Personal Data

No portion of MSFocus Radio requires registration, but some features of the linked MSF site require registration, including but not limited to applying for MSF services. For some features of that site, registration is optional, such as when making a donation. During the registration process, while logged in as a registered user, or when making a donation without registering, you will be redirected to a secured website. (The industry standard SSL and HTTPS protocols are used, both by the MSF and companies we work with to process credit card transactions.) For all of the MSF family of websites, personal and identifying information – including but not limited to name, address, date of birth, phone number, email, credit card data, and health information – that is provided to the MSF by you is considered confidential except when required to be disclosed to a third party by the nature of your request. The MSF has appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure data security and integrity.

To review or make changes to the data collected, registered users can contact the MSF using the Contact page. Data you provide is not available for sale, loan, or exchange with other nonprofit organizations or commercial enterprises, so there is no need to opt out of such transactions.


The MSF maintains databases of persons affected by multiple sclerosis as well as those having an interest in providing various types of support to the MSF. These databases are not available for sale, loan, or exchange with other nonprofit organizations or commercial enterprises.

Content of Comments and Messages

Any comment/message posted or e-mailed to the MSF family of websites is public, unless confidentiality has been both specifically requested in writing by the author and granted in writing by the MSF. The MSF may use messages it deems public in furtherance of its purposes including, but not limited to, compiling databases and developing promotional materials, testimonial materials and responses to inquiries.


We do not obtain personal information about you during your use of the web site, unless you choose to furnish it, such as when applying for MSF’s programs and services. We provide opt-out options for our newsletter mailing lists.


If you have any questions or comments about MSF web site privacy policies, please contact us.
(Last reviewed 5/2014)