Identifying the specific brain network to suppress MS tremor via DBS

April 18, 2022
In a new study, neurologists compared tremor in multiple sclerosis with other tremor syndromes and constructed a model to identify brain networks related to tremor in MS. 

The study by University of Florida researchers utilized advanced MRI analysis techniques to map major networks and pathways in the brain and computer simulation to estimate the amount of brain tissue stimulated by deep brain stimulation from a previously completed trial conducted at the university.

The researchers said that by combining the MRI analysis and computer simulations, they were able to construct a model that identified brain networks. That will provide better targeting guidance for neurologists and neurosurgeons planning deep brain stimulation to suppress tremor in MS. 

Researchers noted that future studies can expand the understanding of the distinct brain network by investigating how and why MS affects the network specifically.

The study was published in the journal Brain Communications.

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