Pilot study shows promise for remote cognitive rehabilitation for MS

July 02, 2024
A pilot study shows promise for a new treatment option for individuals with memory impairments caused by multiple sclerosis. According to the authors, the findings are promising in demonstrating that remote interventions can be both effective and satisfying for participants. Researchers noted that delivering therapy to individuals at home is not only convenient, but also expands access to cognitive rehabilitation designed to improve how individuals function in their daily lives.

This proof-of-concept study, conducted with 10 participants with MS-related memory impairments, assessed the feasibility and effect of six online sessions of TELE-Self-GEN delivered through Zoom. TELE-Self-GEN integrates memory strategies within a metacognitive framework to aid individuals in managing their cognitive challenges, according to Kessler Foundation researchers.

Participants reported high levels of satisfaction, citing the convenience and accessibility of the virtual format. Most notably, they experienced improvements not only in memory tasks but also in their ability to perform daily activities.

The intervention focuses on ‘self-generated learning,’ a technique that encourages patients to create personal connections with everyday tasks, enhancing memory retention and recall. This method of association has proven effective in fostering greater independence and confidence among users, ultimately contributing to improved quality of life.

The researchers said the study lays the groundwork for larger clinical trials and highlights the importance of innovative approaches in the treatment of the cognitive impairments experienced by many with MS. By exploring and expanding tele-rehab options that help overcome traditional barriers to access, it’s possible to ensure that more individuals living with MS benefit from such interventions.

The article was published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

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