Living with Progressive MS Second Edition

Patricia K Coyle & June Halper
Updated and revised, this concise, functional guide provides an overview of worsening MS and the difficulties faced when progression challenges patients and their loved ones. Written in straightforward language that confronts painful topics while emphasizing the positive, the book focuses on managing the disease and its symptoms and coping with the life changes that accompany it. Authors Patricia K. Coyle and June Halper cover a wide range of topics, including how progressive MS differs from relapsing MS, symptoms and clinical patterns, disease-modifying therapies, and ideas for managing thorny symptoms, functional problems, and psychosocial concerns. There's also coverage of dealing with limitations on daily living, social activities, and employment as well as gender-specific issues and health concerns, including diet, nutrition, and medical exams. All together, this book provides a solid framework for further investigation and discussion, one that a family member, health care professional, or MS patient can use as a starting point.