Overcome The BS of MS

Lisa Cohen
Having lived with Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) herself since 2001, author Lisa Cohen defines the “BS of MS” as an amalgam of the physical changes and losses caused by MS, the life changes and challenges that result, and the psychological and emotional “stuff” that comes along with those changes and challenges. This BS of MS may cause women living with MS to “live small,” feel burdened, and feel defeated on a daily basis. An easy-read reference handbook, “Overcome the BS of MS” provides a 3-Step Plan that is a system of preparation, personal empowerment, and conscious forward action that is designed to help women living with MS to consistently overcome the BS of MS. “Overcome the BS of MS” is for any woman who wants to truly feel like she is actively living and enjoying a life that she chooses, even though she also happens to be living with MS. It provides the tools to get a grip on the “BS of MS”, manage it like a boss, prevail over it, and start racking up wins.