Tai-Chi Qigong: 7 Day Healing Plan

Anna York
7-Day Healing & Rejuvenation Plan. New Creation Tai Chi-Qigong provides one 15-minute segment for each day, allowing you to customize the order and number of segments per day to meet your personal needs. Seven Days of Creation Theme. Seven days of the week are matched with seven days of Creation for an uplifting experience that is easy to remember and suitable for those of all faiths. Tai Chi and Qigong are most often taught from a Taoist or Eastern perspective that is good for many but foreign and uncomfortable for those who want to stay within their own philosophical and spiritual traditions. As an ordained Christian minister, Anna, with authorization from her Tai Chi Master, developed a way of integrating the classical Chinese movements and archetypal nature imagery with a Genesis creation story narrative that is inspiring for those of any faith. Day1: Beginnings Day 2: Heaven Day 3: Solar System Day 4: Earth Day 5: Growing Things Day 6: Birds & Animals Day 7: Rest & Rejuvenation