What Nurses Know...Multiple Sclerosis

Carol Saunders, BA, BSN, MSCN
Over 450,000 individuals in the United States have multiple sclerosis. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis poses potential concerns related to all aspects of life and plans for the future. One of the first responses is usually an active search for information about the disease itself and its potential long-term effects. What Nurses Know . . . Multiple Sclerosis answers all of those questions and more. Carol Saunders has been an MS nurse and educator for over 25 years, and throughout all of it, she has learned what people need to know and how effectively to communicate it. With education and proper care, most people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis will lead full and productive lives. Special features include numerous sidebars and call-out boxes with "Nurse Notes," as well as definitions of common terms. Also included are resources, online tools, lists of support groups, and specific websites to help those living with MS. Show More Show Less