Healthcare Assistance Grant

The MS Focus Healthcare Assistance Grant assists uninsured individuals with the cost of visiting their MS specialist as well as dental assistance. The grant, which can pay for one visit and one follow-up, is designed to assist those already diagnosed with MS who may need a visit to their treating physician to renew a prescription or handle other important needs. 

Applicants give MS Focus staff authorization to negotiate costs directly with the provider, and the fee is paid directly to the doctor. 

To learn more, call our National Toll-Free Helpline at 888-MS Focus (888-673-6287), email, or start your application now.


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The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers direct support for anyone interested in health and wellness through a variety of educational materials, but, additionally, the Foundation provides special funding for health and wellness programs specifically for individuals diagnosed with MS.

These programs may include standard health and wellness therapies, such as adaptive yoga, aquatics and therapeutic horseback riding, or may include recreational therapies, such as art therapy or adaptive sports.

The goal of this national program is to enhance the safety, self-sufficiency, comfort, and well-being of those living with MS by providing services that can improve their quality of life. This program is specifically geared toward providing individual assistance only in special, isolated cases, or in remote areas where we do not currently have operating health and wellness programs.

Please Note:The Health and Wellness Individual Participation Grant is only offered once per year only.

Application Guidelines:
  • Applicants are required to provide basic personal information, as well as a doctor’s confirmation of both an MS diagnosis and the applicant’s ability to participate in the program.
  • Applicant cannot have any private insurance, government insurance (such as Medicaid), or benefits that would cover the cost of participation.
  • Applicant must agree to sign a waiver of liability.
  • Applicant must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Applicants are responsible for finding the Company/Service Provider where the classes/program will take place, as well as any and all schedules and costs. It is required that the classes are held in a structured and accessible setting, and that all instructors involved must be certified in the respective fields. Instructors should have a working knowledge of chronic conditions, particularly MS.
  • All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. And, because each class/program is unique, there is no predetermined dollar amount for each grant awarded.
  • If the Foundation is unable to provide funding, we will strive to assist in locating other possible funding sources.
  • If approved, funding will be paid directly to the Company/Service Provider. The Foundation may request a usage or attendance report from the Company/Service Provider.
  • If you are unable to attend all sessions covered by the grant, or have missed any sessions, you should contact the Company/Service Provider to find out if you may be allowed to make up the missed time.
  • In return for funding, the Foundation asks that you share a photo and story or testimonial to convey your experiences in the program.
  • Applicant grants the Foundation the right to use his or her name and photograph for promotional purposes associated with this grant.
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